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The Admissions Department of the Institute and its responsibilities fall under the patronage of the Registrar. The institute’s Registrar is responsible for the acceptance of all new applicants at Vector Technology Institute. Participants need not have any background in working with computers at a professional level for entry into Vector programmes; however, it is necessary that the individual shows an affinity for working with electrical or electronic devices.

Why Vector Tech?

Hear from some of our past students on why they chose Vector Technology Institute.

Vector Technology Institute is a renowned academic institution which offers the best in-class, local and international courses that provides a mix of both theroy and technical skill applications.

Robert Hammond

CCNA 2013

I chose Vector Tech because of the industry recognition that the instituttion has. Also the hands-on and practical approach to IT and the other related course discipline.

Jermaine Drummond

BSTM 2011

Type of Admission


Refers to an applicant who meets VTI’s basic matriculation requirements completely to enter into a VTI programme.

Mature Entry

The Mature Age Entry Scheme is an avenue for entry into the institute for applicants over the age of 25 years who would not normally qualify for admission in full or provisional status. Applicants instead would be granted admission based on four main areas: work experience, job responsibilities, technical qualifications, and competence.

Applicants applying for mature entry will also be required to sit an English Language and/or Mathematics examination set by the institute.


Refers to an applicant who does not meet all the requirements for full admission into a VTI programme. Admission may be granted to students of provisional status needing one additional subject to meet the minimum matriculation requirements for VTI programmes. On applying the applicant must either be enrolled in a related program or registered for the next sitting of the CXC, GCE, O’Level or a relevant equivalent examination for the purpose of satisfying the basic matriculation requirement.

Students can also opt to pursue an introductory course at the University College of the Caribbean (added). Failure to gain the necessary passes within the year will result in the student’s withdrawal from the programme until matriculation requirements have been met and full admission status will not be attained.

Matriculation Requirements (Academic Programmes)

Bachelor or Associate


CXC* or GCE or ULCI or CIty & Guilds or SSC



CXC* or GCE or ULCI or CIty & Guilds or SSC



CXC* or GCE or ULCI or CIty & Guilds or SSC

Entry for International Applicants

For admission, international students will be assessed by the University Council of Jamaica (insert link) for the matriculation into Vector programmes.


Fees are refundable subject to the cancellation policy. However, once a student has started attending classes, he/she will be liable for the full cost of the course/ programme.

Fees/Payment Plans

Fees are set on an annual basis for each programme. Several payment plans are available to facilitate flexible payment dates over a six month period. A payment plan application form (PPAF) must be completed and approval obtained by the Bursar before applicant may begin classes.

In exceptional cases the terms of payment may differ, however all must ensure that the PPAF is adhered to as it may affect future applications.

Professional Development Courses

A professional development course is a course that leads to certification from a professional body. Students admitted into Vector Professional Development Courses are not required to meet the strict standards for matriculation into the academic programmes; however, all students are expected to display a high level of interest and professional attitude.

It is important that the applicant displays the desire to succeed, a willingness to make those sacrifices necessary to successfully complete the programme of study and a commitment to adhere to the Institution’s rules and expectations. Each applicant is expected to spend additional time outside of class hours studying, completing assignments, and doing research.

Cancellation Policy

A student may withdraw from the program or a particular module; however, all such cancellations are subjected to the following penalty:

  • Cancellations made ten or more working days before the commencement date of the programme or module will attract a penalty of 5% of course fee.
  • Cancellations made between four to ten working days before the commencement date of the program or module will attract a penalty of 10% of course fee.
  • Cancellations made less than four working days before the commencement date of the program or module will attract a penalty of 20% of course fee.
  • Once the program or module commences, the student is liable for the full cost of the programme.