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Certificate in Writing Apps (Mobile Application Development)

Design Philosophy

The Apps Writing Certificate is designed as a fast-track credential that provides opportunities for students to meet their short term goals of generating revenue while at the same time, positioning themselves for further study in the area of Software Programming. The certificate may be used as part of the basis for gaining full matriculation into higher level Academic programmes where you will develop a broader set of programming skills while earning a higher level degree.


The market for computer Apps have exploded over recent years because of the rise of the mobile market and the demand for mobile applications. It is also one of the easiest market for bright, enterprising individuals to become active participants for the following reasons:

  1. Individuals can acquire the basic skills for writing apps in a relatively short period
  2. The tools for writing, publishing, marketing and earning from selling apps are readily available
  3. Individual can readily learn how to write, market and earn from writing apps in their spare time, create a business or offer services to businesses
  4. Writing apps can become the start of a more substantive career in software programming where you can offer your services as a specialist enterprise programmer to an organization or as an independent programmer.
  5. Use internet services to register to offer App development services

Entry Requirements

  1. 3 CXC or equivalent - subjects should include English Language and a numeric subject. See admissions for more details
  2. Computer literate and working knowledge of any Web Browser


What you will learn

Listed below include several of the objectives of this certificate. In addition, students will be taught the best practices for developing Mobile Apps while receiving a glimpse into the daily life of a Software Programmer. Students will also learn the process of developing an idea into a mobile application.

  • Create cross platform Mobile Apps using Cordova/PhoneGap
  • Create Apps for Android smartphones and tablets
  • Interact with popular web services like DropBox, Google Maps and Facebook
  • Submit your Apps to the App Store AND Google Store
  • Access the native capabilities of the device

Certificate Includes: 3 credit bearing courses

  1. Web Page Design & Development (HTML programming) – 3 credits
  2. Javascript programming – 3 credits
  3. Mobile Cross-Platform Development – 3 credits
  4. Seminar (1 day) – Opportunities For App Developers