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Associate of Science In Software Programming

The Programme

The Associate of Science programme (ASSP) is a 2-year programme that amounts to 63 credits. Students will develop proficiency in utilizing the formal processes of the systems development lifecycle in the application of programming languages, analyzing business processes for programme development, and designing and presenting project plans for the development and implementation of a business system.

In addition to the hard, technical skills, the ASSP programme includes communication and business modules designed for developing those critical soft skills such as working in teams, oral and written communication and problem-solving.

Graduates of this programme will be prepared and equipped to be effective in the workplace while developing the foundation necessary for pursuing their career or further academic studies.

Who is this For:

  • High school students seeking an alternative to traditional University

  • University students interested in a Computer Science career

  • Persons interested in switching careers to the field of Computer Science

  • Persons interested in furthering their skills in Software Programming or Engineering

  • Corporate institutions interested in additional Computer Science training for their team


The ASSP programme not only provides graduates with opportunities to advance up the corporate ladder but also gives them a guide to applying technical skills to creative ideas in starting profitable business ventures in areas of Graphics Design, Web programming, Mobile Development, Software Coding, Database Management, and Software Engineering. Graduates also have access to “for-credit internships” where they work alongside professionals in conducting business analysis, software development, quality assurance, software testing or a diverse set of application tasks.

Industry partners of the internship programme include a growing number of service organizations including companies such as Innovative Corporate solutions, Ingenuity Technologies, and Vertis Technologies.

Payment Options

The Tuition cost of the programme is $265,000 JMD per annum (for 2 years) and VTI provides a number of options to allow payment; this may be paid in full or up to ten (10) parts, whichever one is easier for students. Payment plans are customized based on student's needs.

There are also multiple student loan options available and VTI will provide students with the guidance they need to access them.

  • Student Loan Bureau : Loan Type: Parent Plus, Post Grad Loan, SLB PAYS

  • COK Solidarity Co-op Credit Union Ltd. : Loan Type:Special education loan (unsecured) or S.C.H.O.L.A.R

  • FCIB BANK : Loan Type:Education Secured /Unsecured

  • PATH Tertiary Bursary (Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education)

  • First Union Financial Co. Ltd.

  • Lasco Micro Finance Ltd.

Format Of Classes

Classes are designed with a balance between flexibility and physical interactivity.

Students meet once a week for face-to-face interaction with classmates and the instructor, and between these class meetings, continue online to learn at own pace, with individualized focus on the learning material.

Total Class hours – approximately: 1,160 hours (50% online + 50% face-to-face)

Industry Certifications

Throughout the programme, students will cover information to sit several industry certifications:

  • Associate Android Developer (Google)

  • Associate Java Programmer (Oracle)

  • MySQL Developer (Oracle)

  • C++ Certified Associate Programmer (C++ Institute)

At the conclusion of the programme, students will have been prepared with the knowledge to sit the highly prestigious CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional) certification from (ISC)2 that focuses on application security within the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Career Opportunities

Students who complete this programme may consider career opportunities as:

  • Careers as Web Site Designers

  • Mobile Applications Designers

  • Database Designers

  • Business Applications Programmers

  • Software Architects

  • Software Engineer

  • Software Developers

  • Application Security Specialists

  • Software Program Managers

  • Quality Assurance Testers

  • Penetration Testers

  • Quality Assurance Testers

  • Programmers – Enterprise Applications

  • Business Analysts

  • Software Procurement Analysts

  • Project Managers, etc.

How to apply ( your application will be processed within 7 working days of receiving)

How to apply:

  • Fill out the application form which is available on our website and also available on campus

  • Provide all required documentation

  • Pay the admission fee

  • Submit the application


  • A completed Application form (See the PDF below)

  • A Valid Government issued ID

  • Proof of Qualifications (present original documents)

  • 1 Passport Size Photo

  • Application fee $1000 JMD (non-refundable)

Programme Requirements for Enrollment:

Full Enrollment

Applicant must have the minimum 5 CXC subjects including English A and numeric (Math/Accounts). Other qualifications accepted include GCE, City & Guilds or any certifications assessed by the Registrar as being equivalent.

Provisional Enrollment

If a student falls short of the full matriculation entry requirements he/she may be accepted on a probationary basis until the outstanding subject(s) is or are achieved/passed.

The student has one year to attain the outstanding subject (through sitting and passing a prescribed developmental course, or achieving relevant exam passes) and will not allowed to complete the programme until the matriculation status is satisfied. This may result in the student being asked to withdraw from the programme if the additional pass is not completed within the probationary time period.

Mature Enrollment

An individual may be accepted under the Mature provision, where the applicant must be 25 years old or over. The applicant must present an updated resume, and a letter from his/her employer/manager outlining the exact job description and two(2) character references.