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Academic Programmes

Business & Management

  • Technology Management (Bachelor)
  • The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management is a programme of study designed to provide students with prior foundation skills and knowledge in various technical areas (e.g., computer science, various disciples of engineering, etc. ) to...Read More

Information Technology (General)

  • Information & Communication Technology (Bachelor)
  • The growth and development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has led to their wide dissemination and application, thus increasing their economic, industrial and social impact...Read More

  • Computer Systems Technology (Associate)
  • The ACSP is geared towards students who wish to gain knowledge of computer systems and information technology. It provides a wider knowledge base of the overall Computer system, hardware and software technologies along with networks and systems programming...Read More

  • Computer Systems Technology (Diploma)
  • The Diploma in Computer Systems Technology is designed for students who wish to gain knowledge of computer hardware systems and networks with some basic programming principles...Read More

  • Computer Graphics Level 1 and 2 (Certificate)
  • Take command of the design world with a two month programme that will train you to become a professional Graphic Designer or Desktop Publisher. Graphic Level 1 will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop to design business cards, fliers, brochures, T-Shirts and billboards...Read More

Software Development

  • Software Programming (Associate)
  • The Associate of Science programme prepares individuals for entry-level positions in the computer information systems development industry. The curriculum also prepares individual with the foundation for developing further skills in addressing complex programs, or to programmers who are seeking to upgrade their knowledge and skills...Read More

  • Software Programming (Diploma)
  • The Diploma in Software Programming prepares individuals with fundamental programming skills to develop, maintain and troubleshoot simple programs. The curriculum also prepares individual with the foundation for developing further skills in addressing more complex programs...Read More

  • Web Development (Certificate)
  • The internet world will be your canvas with a two month programme in Webpage Design and Development. This programme will prepare you to create professional websites, maintain company websites and build dynamic and interactive webpages using graphics, videos, sounds and hyperlinks...Read More

  • Mobile Apps Development (Certificate)
  • The Apps Writing Certificate is designed as a fast-track credential that provides opportunities for students to meet their short term goals of generating revenue while at the same time, positioning themselves for further study in the area of Software Programming...Read More


  • Cybersecurity Analysts (Diploma)
  • The Diploma for Cybersecurity is designed for individuals with IT knowledge or several years of practice or some combination of IT knowledge and experience. Students will develop the skill-set of analyzing, assessing, and preventing vulnerabilities in the infrastructure...Read More